Sia is excellent, isn’t she? She keeps getting better with every release she drops. Her new single ‘Saved My Life’ is a gem which I need more than ever.

The single which is jumping out of new music Friday playlists far and wide (including ours) does not disappoint. It follows a very similar vibe to her previous releases, and we do not hear anything hugely different here, but it still sounds majestic.

I first got into Sia back in 2004, and for many, it is surprising that she had been around so long in the industry before making it big. We often ask ourself the same question, because her quality back then was just as good as it is now. Nevertheless, the market has warmed to the artist who likes to keep herself personally away from the spotlight.

‘Saved My Life’ has all the qualities of a smash hit. It kicks off with a piano intro reminiscent to the type of intros we hear from ‘Tones And I’. We are then straight into her clean vocals with her signature sound coming into the equation. It also has a beat which is piercing and sharp within the mix. The pre-chorus is always where Sia emphasises her message, and vocally she delights here. The pre-chorus generally is still the more significant element in her songs, and it follows that structure here on ‘Saved My Life’.

Top Form

Musically, Sia is on top form, and vocally it is hard to find any fault with her delivery. However, she does sound a bit repetitive at times with the same lyric echoing around continuously. Nevertheless, it works, and as a whole, the track is top class.

You can listen to the new song from Sia, ‘Saved My Life’ below. Also, let us know your thoughts to the track on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris