I came across this track ‘Lonely’ by Jay Sean (Black Caviar Remix) after a recent browse around Spotify. I wish I had found it before. It is a real gem. It isn’t a new release, but it is a release which I have been going back to time and time again since I found it last week.

Perfect for the lockdown life, ‘Lonely’ is ticking all the right boxes for me. I admire its effortless feel-good vibe and potent beat which hit me like a tonne of bricks. Jay Sean is a vocal engine for sure. You only need to look through his discography to find proof of that. Also, he is an artist who continually keeps finding new fans with a massive 5 million Spotify monthly streams despite not releasing many tracks in the last few years.

‘Lonely’ kicks off with an infectious lead which grabs you within a split second. We are then straight in with a sublime vocal performance from Jay who puts his signature stamp all over the record from the get-go. The chorus is a banger and comes fresher than a bag of apples. Also, it has a club vibe which will get you bouncing in no time at all.


It is catchy and very poignant for the times we are living through at the moment. Yes, we all may be lonely, stuck at home in lockdown but we have feel-good anthems like this to keep us going. I am thankful for that.
Overall, this is an underrated hit and one which you need to get your ears around sooner rather than later. Also, getting to Ibiza is proving tricky this year; therefore, lay back, put this on loud and let this take you to the sunny isle. You can listen to ‘Lonely’ (Black Caviar Remix) below.

George Millington