Manchester-based pop group, Space Babe, have just released their brand new single ‘Goodbye To Love’. With soaring vocals from Nicole Battick, this is a track that oozes soul and originality. As a result, the listener is soaked in a deep soulful, emotive track.

With its historically and forever thriving music scene, Manchester has delivered yet another class act. Drawing influence from artists including Childish Gambino, The 1975 and Paramore, to name but a few.  Subsquently, the band create a truly unique, soulful pop sound.  However, retaining loads of commercial production value.  Space Babe are one to explored and discovered in more detail.  But, they are definitely not one to be missed.

Space Babe and  ‘Goodbye To Love’

In their latest release, ‘Goodbye to Love’, Nicole and also band member Zak Lyons explore the ideas surrounding the end of a relationship.   And, that an ending does not mean that you will never give or receive love as an after effect. The platform of a relationship creates the basis for the search this track is on.  They seek to find out what happens when something finishes.  Warm and resolute guitars weave between comforting and creative synthesizers.  Therefore, the sounds they create transport the listener on a journey, through a subject familiar to many. Grounding drums and bass create a universal and familiar feel.  All whilst boasting a beautiful, melodic vocal line that transports the listener. This is great song exploring something real.  With thoughtful musicianship and vocalese, this track doesn’t disappoint.

Consequently, if you are after authentic pop music, this is the band.  With a soul-banked vibe, this is something you’ve most likely been craving.  Be sure to add ‘Goodbye to Love’ to your new music playlist.


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George Millington