Being a music magazine, we feel it is only right to discuss the new Spotify desktop update. After all, almost 300 million music fans are members, so any update from them is a reasonably big deal.

For mobile users, you will not see a tremendous amount of difference in their latest updates. But for anyone who uses the desktop version, you will soon start to realise that they have played around with the design.

Spotify New Update

Having glanced over some Twitter posts about the new version, it appears that many users are not hugely impressed. One wrote “Spotify update on desktop is trash. change it back.”

For us, we cannot see any vast improvements; it is harder to decipher artist from the album with them removing the artist category by default; instead, the artist now goes under the song. The Spotify URI link has also gone, not so much a big deal for regular listeners but a new challenge for online publications which rely on the code.

Anyway, what are your thoughts to the update? Let us know on our social media accounts.

George Millington