I am a little late to this party, well, fashionably late.  But, Panic! At The Disco’s latest album released earlier this year, Pray For The Wicked, is constantly on repeat for me.  And, why not?  It has everything you could and should be looking for in an album.  With standout songs like, ‘Say Amen’ ‘One Of The Drunks’ and ‘Roaring 20’s’ there is nothing to fault here.

The band, hailing from Las Vegas, has gone through several line-up changes, but still with amazing frontman Brendon Urie at the helm.  His charisma has shone through, leading them to the high placed position they are in now. Listening to their catalogue, I would have to say that their most recent offering is their best work yet.

With loads of really fleshing out the songs with tons of creative sonics, I think they have stepped forward a bit from their previous album.  The album has rock elements, but isn’t limited to that style and reaches for new sounds that gives it intricacies to get attached to.  The album inhabits many genres and has a definite fingerprint of the band, with inventive hooks and structures.

For me, the track that get replayed the most, is ‘One Of The Drunks’ with clever lyrics and encapsulating a lot sampling to make it an earwig that really draws you in.  Spry and talented, the band has conjured something shimmering and fun, with a hint of sarcasm that takes it out of the too Pop-y range. They have really grown into their sound now and are transcending.  The track bounces and has everything included: stunning musicianship with adrenaline lyrics and performance.

The moral of the story is… If you haven’t invested in this band, do so now, you will not regret it!


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Dana Miller