T-Pain is back with ‘Get Up’. It is a track about the Black Lives Matter movement. For me, it is one of the most poignant releases from the Florida born rapper.

It follows a similar vibe to his previous releases, and although it has his autotune signature effect blossoming, it is not quite as heavy as his backlog. He speaks compellingly, and it is difficult not to get onto his wavelength with each word resonating tremendously well.

The leading hook is the ‘Get Up’ lyric. It is what grips us most, and T-Pain expresses how he will never back down. Also, although he gives it all, it seems that it is still not enough. But, that will not prevent him from staying down, and he will get up time and again.


Musically, it is distinct with many elements making the mix which we do not hear all too often in today’s industry. It drives with power and although it comes with no massive drum beat, I am relishing its original and straightforward structure.

Speaking about ‘Get Up, T-Pain said: “This song was actually meant to come out at the end of March, but I decided to switch it out last minute and release ‘Wake Up Dead’ with Chris Brown first.”

“We had all of the artwork and marketing assets created months ago. It’s very ironic because it all has so much more meaning to it now with everything going on in the world. I thought it was silly to hold this song. I want people to be motivated, inspired, and to continue to Get Up and push forward.”

Overall, it is a very inspiring release from a talented musician. Also, it proves how much quality T-Pain has stored up his sleeve. Additionally, the money which the track generates is going to go to Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice. Therefore, we should all get behind this release and share it as far wide as possible.

Emily Harris