Ozuna is flying the flag for Puerto Rico at the moment. He brings a reggaeton vibe which sounds great with the sun starting to make an appearance.

Furthermore, His new release ‘Caramelo’ is an upbeat treasure which is dripping in feel-good quality. Lyrically, I have no idea what he is saying due to him singing in his native tongue, but what I can hear sounds excellent, therefore who cares what he is talking about here? It reminds me of Daddy Yankee, but yet Ozuna brings plenty of original character to the final mix, and his uniqueness is awe-inspiring.


It kicks off with a chill intro with a heavenly lead. We are then with a majestic vocal performance from Ozuna. He sings gently and full of emotion, also his approach is poignant with its effective delivery. A Latin theme beat then greets us taking a relatively typical structure for a song like this one. But, I relish it, and its groovy feel is massively pleasing, as a result, it is hard not to find yourself swaying to its infectious rhythm.

Overall, it is a stable release from Ozuna. He has taken a hint of successful tracks in this genre. But he has brought a new edge to the party. Therefore, I am struggling to find any fault within its healthy production. Also, I enjoy how he has taken an emotional vocal and synergised it with a colossal sounding instrumental.

Furthermore, I imagine this track will be playing out of late-night garden parties, clubs and Mediterranean taverners as we progress through the summer months. Also, with the popularity growing massively, it could quickly become one of the most standout tracks of the year. You can listen to ‘Caramelo’ by Ozuna below. Let us know your thoughts to the release on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris