I spend my mornings browsing through social media feeds and checking my sources on the latest music news. There are always topics which baffle me, but it does surprise me that fans are surprised to hear Taylor Swift is spending lockdown with her boyfriend?

Furthermore, Swifties lover Joe Alwyn has put out a snap of her famous cat proving to us all that they are spending the quarantine period together. Media outlets and fans nearly fell off their chair with this revelation, but why? Do you expect the iconic pop star to spend this time alone?

Also, the pair have hardly just met; they have been together now for quite some time; therefore, it makes perfect sense that they are sharing the same home. Also, it is hardly the shock of the century that the couple is at home with one another’s company. They are in a relationship after all.

Nevertheless, many were wondering if the pair were living in the same house during the lockdown. Well, we can reveal that they are. Either that or Alwyn has a picture of her cat on his phone from a previous event. However, likely, they are together and why not? I do not blame them in the slightest. Who wants to spend this time on their own stuck at home?


You know lockdown is in full swing when all of us are speculating on photos of her cats which the pair are capturing and posting on social media. Either way, one thing we have learnt is that Taylor owns some of the most adorable cats on the planet. As a result, they are becoming some of the most famous cats living today, and we can see why.

Are you surprised Taylor Swift and her partner are spending time together? Because I am not.

Emily Harris