Taylor Swift is not shy of giving away a few bucks. She has donated lots throughout the last few years, and her generosity keeps on giving.

Furthermore, the ‘Love Story’ singer left many of her fans completely flabbergasted. This was after sending them $3000 to help them with their hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic. The fans told of us of the revelation through their social media accounts claiming that $3000 had arrived in their bank account. How good is that?

But, why did Swift send them the money? It came after fans had written online about their financial difficulties. One of the fans, Holly Turner, who has been a Swifty ever since the star rose onto the scene, had penned a letter on Tumblr. She raised concerns about her finances. Mainly, after her freelance music photography business had taken a beating due to the COVID-19 virus. Speaking about the token of goodwill, Holly said: “I wasn’t going to be able to stay in my apartment after May if it weren’t for this.”

Swifty is building a reputation for being a good samaritan. She donated $1 million to the Louisana flood relief back in 2016. She donated $750,000 to the tornado victims in the south back in 2011. Also, gifting $50,000 to the New York City Department Of Education in 2015.

What A GAL!

Well, whether you like Taylor Swift or not, it has to be said that she is one of the most generous pop starts on the planet. Also, it may encourage other musicians to reach out for their wallet too to help out those in need during this crazy and challenging time.

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Emily Harris