Alex Turner and the gang have produced some absolute tunes over the last 16 years, with an insane amount of awards and accolades under their belt. Indie anthems and iconic melodies are what they have built their empire on but amongst the ‘Mardy Bum’s’ and ‘Arabella’s’ there are also some hidden gems and seriously underrated tracks…

‘Potion Approaching’ from 2009 album Humbug is punchy and there’s no messing around – straight in with a killer riff and we are OFF, the track rises and falls with the same beat throughout, making it perfect for shoulder dancing in the car (don’t pretend you don’t know) and the almost military like drums make the song full of power – with Alex’s moody vocals making it all the more inviting.

‘Suck it and See’ of the 2011 album with the same name doesn’t seem to get talked about, but the harmony in the vocals and the easy-going sound to the song makes for a great listen. Two and a half minutes in there is a short but sweet guitar solo too which sails us perfectly through to another round of the chorus, by which point you will be singing along with the best of them.

Another one from Humbug is ‘Dance Little Liar’, as a sucker or a song in a minor key – plus the whining vocals – this is a winner for me. Slow and considered with a crafted chord sequence, the is a song you can easily play on loop and notice a different nuance each time. Listen out for the insane drumming in this one too, the song builds  throughout, getting seemingly eerier and darker until the final drum beats fade out.

Lastly but by no means least is ‘Knee Socks’ from AM, released in 2013. The first chord repetition to kick off the song is memorable to say the least; a stripped back version may be deceiving but just wait for the chorus… The chords come back and a winding melody for the vocals makes for a belter of a track. This one has quite a lot of components too, from slow and sombre to lyrics that will have you attempting to shout along to them at 3AM.

Let us know what other Arctic Monkey’s track you reckon are underrated!

You can listen to all of the tracks on Apple Music, Spotify, plus other streaming services – check out the latest Arctic Monkey’s album too, ‘Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino‘.

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