The Strokes have given die-hard fans precisely what they want and need. A new single and album is out now, and it is pretty much what you would expect from a band of this calibre.

From first listen I thought I had put on ‘(I Just) Died In Your Arms’ by Cutting Crew. Highly doubt, this was intentional, and I cannot identify any direct sampling, but it does sound very familiar if you ask me. Take a listen and see if you can hear the resemblance too?

Regardless of similarity, this new track ‘Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus’ sounds pretty immense. Also, it is not the only banger from their first album in 7 years ‘The New Abnormal’. I cannot find a track on there which I do not like. Also, it is not just me who is loving the new material with fans far and wide fangirling over what could be one of the most significant Indie releases of 2020.

Disco Beat

‘Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus’ is a punchy track and boasts a disco beat throughout which grabs you and pulls you into its madness from the get-go. Rewind fifteen years, throw this song out, and I doubt it would stick out like a sore thumb. They have pretty much taken their old sound and reinforced its beauty. Why not? It works, and people love it so stick to what you are good at, I suppose.

The chorus is electric and adheres to the catchy structure which the lads do so well. It is a gift for all indie fans. But, it has not developed hugely, and the band have not been taking much influence from any other genre since they last released music. But I like that. They know their sound, and they hold onto it. Job well done.

What are your thoughts to the new release by The Strokes?

George Millington