Charlie XCX drops new release ‘Forever’. If you are a big fan of Charlie, you will probably relish this one. I am a fan, but there is quite a bit going on in this release which I am not a massive fan of if I am honest.

Firstly, it has an annoying sound in the mix which sounds like my speakers are about to blow up. There are plugins available for musicians to remove unwanted sounds like this. They are designed for a reason because the sound of distortion and clipping is horrible. I had to check on a few speakers before writing this to ensure it was not just me who had a pair of broken speakers. But, I can confirm that it is very much in the song. Why the hell did her producer think this was an excellent addition? It is horrific.

Vocally, it is okay, but it does not fill me with excitement. It sounds very much like Swifty at various points too, which demonstrates a lack of originality. Nevertheless, the singer is known for taking a commercial sound and bringing some raw edge also, and she does do that here. The track seems to not follow a robust structure; at some times, it feels like it is a little all over the place and held together with chewing gum.


Overall, I do not believe this is the best release from Charlie XCX; It could just be the ridiculously lousy judgement on the crashing sound, which makes the rest of the song sound weak. I want to say this could be the hit of the summer like I did back in 2012 when she featured on the hit single ‘I Love It’. But, sadly this is so far from the mark. Nevertheless, regardless of how painful this listen was for me, you may enjoy it. Let me know your thoughts.

George Millington