The Vamps get autumn underway in style with their new single ‘Would You’. It is a treat, and I have been stuck to it ever since I hit play.

Following on from their string of hot new releases, The Vamps push even further forward with this new anthemic piece. It all gets underway with a serene opener boasting a melodic guitar lead and a driving rhythm arrangement which pulls us in instantly.


We are then in with a sublime vocal from the group who unleash their power like never before. They sing with vigour, and their strength drips all over the mix. The music takes a new direction with a nail-biting beat tapping away with the rhythmic melody following alongside with a smooth texture.

As the track progresses, it becomes even more potent. So much so, once we are into the chorus, the energy flows like a running tap. Each member rises to the occasion impeccably. Also, a myriad of fresh sounds leap out in the mix with the pace picking up and the message becoming even more profound.

So is this the best single yet from The Vamps? For me, I would say so yes. It has an atmospheric which we do not hear all too often from the group. Also, it is a gem from the very start with them paving a new way for future pop. Additionally, I relish how the group stay in their own corner with them sounding unique every step of the way, so much so, I am struggling to compare it to anything else popping in the contemporary chart.

You can take a listen to ‘Would You’ by The Vamps below. Also, let us know your thoughts to this new release by commenting on our social media accounts below. As you know, we love to hear your feedback.

Emily Harris