Tinie Tempah has made a strong comeback with his new release ‘Top Winners’.

His new track which features Not3s is the first release for Tinie in three years. But, it follows a similar vibe to his previous hits and having listened to it a few times, it does not feel like the ‘Drinking From The Bottle’ singer has ever been away.

Club Hit

‘Top Winners’ is a club hit, but it delves more into the hip hop realm than it does dance, which Tinie is more than familiar. Nevertheless, it still gets you shaking your hips, and I can only imagine how massive this would sound on the club dance floor, although that will not be happening for a while due to COVID-19.

It kicks off with a robust beat and a vocal sharper than a brand new three-piece suit. Featuring on this track is Not3s. A rapper who comes fresher than a daisy and one who is rising rapidly in the hip hop world. For me, it is a grower. I first listened to it on a commute back from London, and I could not connect to it straight away. However, having listened to it more since this review, it has indeed grown on me. Also, with the sun starting to peek out from the behind the clouds, this could not sound any better. (Well, unless I was laying on a bright white beach, of course).

Vocally, Tinie is on top form. He sounds energetic, passionate and full of life which is great to hear. Also, he has crafted something unique to the modern industry, but it provides his signature sound too. Also, we cannot forget the quality of Not3s here because without those bars, I doubt this would be quite as good as what it is. Top work, lads!

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Emily Harris