Tones And I is back with new single ‘Bad Child’. A release which has taken on a new direction from her previous hit ‘Dance Monkey’.

It begins with a Tones And I isolated vocal before we hear a sharp, hard-hitting piano lead which pulls us in. Lyrically, Toni (Tones And I) speaks of her youth and how she has always been a ‘bad child’. She also states that people have forever doubted her and thrown her into a ‘bad pile’. Well, one group of people who are not throwing her away is her fans. As a result, she cannot do anything wrong in their eyes. But, it is not difficult to see why she is such a favourite, especially with her unique voice and memorable melodies.

The chorus for me is the selling point with its infectious resonance. Tones And I has a reputation of delivering a famous chorus, and this track is no exception. As a result, I am immensely looking forward to seeing what else the Australian has up her sleeve in 2020.


Overall, I think it is a well-built release. It is catchy and tells us a meaningful story of the singers past. However, I do not believe it is on the same level of quality as ‘Dance Monkey’. It does not have the same attraction heard on that one, in my opinion. But, it is a good listen, and I would not turn it off if my shuffle playlist put it on.

What are your thoughts to the new single from Tones And I? Do you think it is better than ‘Dance Monkey’? What are your favourite songs by Tones And I? Have your say below; we love to hear from you all.

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Emily Harris