Vocal heavyweight, Tom Grennan rises out of the unprecedented times with a track which hits the nail on the head. ‘Amen’ speaks for the generation with a piercing message which grips instantly.

Kicking off is a soft acoustic guitar layer strumming away in an unorthodox fashion. It comes with a muted strumming pattern which we do not hear all too often these days. Therefore, good on you Tom for bringing this style back to the forefront of music. Tom, then catapults himself forward with a vocal which comes with genuine grit and power. He sings with conviction, and the timbre we hear in his voice is captivating.


Distinct from the get-go, Tom glides through the record with confidence and his vocal sounds sharper than a serpent’s tooth. The verse is relatively chill, but the energy comes gushing forward with a chorus which delves deep with an enormous backing vocal adding a new flavour to the piece.

‘Amen’ echoes out with force and it takes us into a new realm with the artist taking a new direction lyrically. He sings about not going to ‘church’, but there is a gospel feel poking out of the mix while staying true to the contemporary pop chart.

Musically, Tom excels, and the rhythm foundation is challenging to criticize. It comes bold, and I can only imagine how huge it would sound blasting out of a festival speaker system. The meaning is influential, and Tom sings with honesty about his current life.

For me, ‘Amen’ is the type of track you can come back to time and time again. Also, every time, I listen, I find myself gravitating more towards Tom’s expertise, and it would not surprise me to see this rise to the top of the chart at rapid speed.

You can take a listen to ‘Amen’ by Tom Grennan below.

Emily Harris