Indie rock staples, Vampire Weekend are back with a new single ahead of the upcoming release of their fourth studio album.

Released as a double single alongside ‘Unbearably White’, ‘This Life’ is the third and final taste from Father of the Bride.

On the surface, the song is exactly what you would expect from Vampire Weekend. Upbeat twangy guitar riffs, bouncy percussion and campy vocals from lead singer Ezra Koenig are all present here. In fact, it’s these elements that truly showcase the band’s talents. But it isn’t until the chorus hits where the campy tone turns into a somber perspective.

At first Koenig sings, “You’ve been cheating on, cheating on me/I’ve been cheating on, cheating on you” which is an interpolation of the hook in American rapper iLoveMakonnen’s song ‘Tonight’. Then, he reflects on himself by singing, “But I’ve been cheating through this life and all its suffering/Oh Christ, am I good for nothing?” These desperate lines not only showcase the downfall in a relationship but also shows the tricky line of who’s to blame for those downfalls.

One of the best aspects of ‘This Life’ is the welcome addition of some guest vocals. Specifically, Danielle Haim from fellow indie rock band, HAIM. She provides smooth harmonies throughout the second half of the song. But it’s the delayed vocal effect present when Koenig and Haim sing the hook between each other that shines. It’s unique enough to differentiate the song from the band’s previous work.

Vampire Weekend – Upcoming Album

Father of the Bride is set to release May 3 and is the band’s newest work since Modern Vampires of the City released in 2013. When a band takes a significant break like this, the hype for new music builds at a sporadic rate. Sometimes expectations are too high with nothing able to live up to them. But according to Koenig, this newest album has some elements that’ll perk fans’ interest. In an interview, he confirmed more Danielle Haim vocal contributions and even a Hans Zimmer sample in the opening track.

Fans will find out next week if Father of the Bride was worth the six year wait.

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Vivien Topalovic