Vistas bring the indie feel good with their new track ‘Everything Changes In The End’—a real treat from a band who ooze enthusiasm and confidence with infectious melodies and unforgettable hooks.

Their new track is upbeat. It has a lot of energy, and it has an indie vibe which I have strongly missed. I was one of those who was massively drawn to the indie scene back in 2005; we had some of the greatest anthems released back then. Since then, we have seen a decline in indie music, making its way into the charts, but it may all be about to change with this fresh Vistas release.

Signature Sound

It kicks off with the bands signature bold sound paving the way. They sound a little like Two Door Cinema Club. But, yet they have a distinctive quality of their own which I relish. Vocally, the band excel. Lead Singer Prentice Robertson has a smooth vocal which glides through the entire piece making it an easy release to find yourself gripping too. The group have been getting a lot of attention from BBC Radio 1 over the last few years. It is evident to see why. They mean business. Also, they bring something new to the party, which is delightful to hear.

‘Everything Changes In The End’ has a pure anthemic chorus which you will struggle to get out of your head once you hit play. They are also very tight as a unit. Together, they all shine brightly, and their sound is growing with every release which they put out. So, if you are yet to hear them, then do so now because you will not be disappointed if you are a fan of modern-day indie. You can listen to ‘Everything Changes In The End’ by Vista below. Also, let us know your thoughts to the single on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris