The Aces are a group who improve with every release. Their new track ‘Kely’ is ace. It has a pop vibe and a melody which will grip you and not let you go.

They have a knack for crafting majestic hits, and their vocal confidence is pouring out of ‘Kelly’. It has a contemporary foundation, and you will relish this one a lot if you enjoy the tracks in the current official chart. They also blend a grooving rhythm and a reggae-style beat, and you will find it hard not to tap your foot. Also, if it is the indie quality the band promote too which you like, you are in for a treat.


‘Kelly’ starts with a pretty bizarre sounding piano intro. It has a gentle feel, and it grows as the track progresses. We are then in with a killer vocal from the band. What do they do best? Catchy vocal lines and they leverage this on this track. The chorus is BIG. It has an infectous hook which you will struggle not to get behind. They take influence from various places on this piece. I hear a similarity to Shura in areas, but they have plenty of distinct quality within their performance.

Overall, the all-girl group are on flying form with ‘Kelly’. Also, for me, I believe they are still very much underrated as a band. They fill a niche which many are craving, and although they do sound similar to the likes of ‘Haim’, they do possess unique qualities too, which make them stand out profoundly. So, if you enjoy fresh pop with a crisp edge, you need to get your ears on this one. You can listen to ‘Kelly’ by The Aces below. Also, let us know your thoughts to this new release on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris