We Are Scientists rock out with their new single, ‘Fault Lines‘. I could not contain my excitement when I came across this new release, the band were very much a part of my childhood, although I doubt the band will want to hear this, given that they may now feel a little old. Nevertheless, the group still have it! So much so, they sound just as potent now as I remember back in their heydey.

Fault Lines‘ is an anthem already with a slick hook which will have you reaching for your air guitar. Also, vocally, Keith Murray rises to the occasion with vigour, and he leaves a long-lasting indent with his top-class performance. 


Speaking about the meaning of the new release, Keith, said: “Look, I’m generally reluctant to get into song meanings and lyrical analysis, under the best of circumstances. With a song like Fault Lines, I’m even less inclined to dive into that sort of thing than usual.”

Musically, the entire piece flows with vital energy. Also, it carries an unorthodox structure with a chorus melody which rings out with omnipotent flavour. Additionally, the band unleash a myriad of new sounds including a phaser chorus effect which echoes out in numerous sections. 

As the track progresses, the band prove why they are one of the most exciting indie-rock bands still to this day. Likewise, they bring a new quality as well as proving that they can be versatile as musicians with a new direction popping out from the get-go.

Overall, I relish this delivery from the New Yorkers. It has a likeable rhythm with them picking up where they left off. As a result, they fly high with a vibe which will knock your socks off this winter. 

You can take a listen to ‘Fault Lines‘ by We Are Scientists below. 

Emily Harris