We cannot get enough of YUNGBLUD here at GSGM. Luckily, the Doncaster singer is dropping hits pretty much every month at the moment. Also, we do not expect this trend to stop anytime soon. Especially, given how many tracks the popular vocalist appears to have up his sleeve.

His latest release ‘Cotton Candy’ is everything you would expect from the shining beacon. He captivates yet again with a sound which grips instantly. For me, I can hear influences from The 1975 on this new piece. Furthermore, it arrives with a similar melody which you would expect from the Manchester pop group, yet YUNGBLUD still manages to stand out uniquely.

Tame Impala

It all gets underway with a bass riff which sounds remarkably similar to the bass we hear on the Tame Impala release ‘The Less I Know The Better’, have a listen to both and see what you think? From the bass riff, we are then straight into a contagious vocal from YUNGBLUD. Here, as usual, he delivers in style. His performance is unforgettable. Moreover, he delves deep into pop-rock from yesteryear with his lyrical direction pushing through the rest of the noise which we hear in modern times.

Musically, we hear a myriad of new sounds with YUNGBLUD bringing plenty of fresh flavours to the forefront of commercial pop. It is what I savour most about the vocal force. Why? Because he is continually evolving his sound and this new direction is medicine to my ears.

Overall, it is a top track, and it is just one of many gems to be released this year by the Yorkshire lad. You can take a listen to ‘Cotton Candy’ by YUNGBLUD below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to his new release by commenting on our social media accounts. As always, we love to hear your feedback.

Emily Harris