Zara Larsson has just dropped her new release ‘Love Me Land’. I have been a fan of Zara ever since witnessing her mesmerising performance at Radio 1’s Big Weekend back in 2017. Since then, I have been following her journey, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear this new track from the pop starlet.

‘Love Me Land’ kicks off with a robotic vocal effect which proves the singer’s versatility as a musician to mix up her sound. We are then in with a quirky rhythm with an unusual yet exciting sound. Vocally, Zara greets us with open arms. She sings with a top-class approach, and many will find it hard to fault her delivery.

Her signature sound shines through like a beacon on this track. Zara delves deep into her talented vocal range. Often transitioning between her low and high octaves, she mesmerises with each word articulating well with poignance.


The structure of the track is ingenious. It does not follow a set pattern, and it stays well away from the status quo. As a result, there is no set hook as you would expect, and it is tricky to work out, which is the chorus and which is the verse. But, I relish this. I like how she delves into a new space, and it is refreshing to witness.

Overall, ‘Love Me Land’ by Zara Larsson is one one the most exquisite fresh pop tracks I have come across in recent months. It has a feel-good vibe, but beneath it is a robust foundation with a meaningful message. Also, she sticks to a contemporary sound while adding plenty of new elements which we do not hear elsewhere.

You can take a listen to ‘Love Me Land’ below. Also, let us know your thoughts to the new release from Zara Larsson by commenting on our social media accounts. As always, we love to hear your input.

George Millington