James Bay can do no wrong. He has a voice which shines like a beacon. Also, his new track ‘Chew On My Heart’ grips like never before.

Not shy to create a smash hit, James has taken giant leaps over the last few years. He took the world by storm back with his single ‘Let It Go’. But many are claiming that this new number is his best yet.

‘Chew On My Heart’ has a sublime pop quality which comes with infectious hooks and anthemic choruses which grip and do not let go. With an upbeat rhythm, the track has all the ingredients to be a summer hit. Delving into his substantial vocal range. James often transitions between softly spoken vocal lines while providing genuine grit and power too.


It all kicks off with a gentle voice and a delicately strum guitar lead. From the get-go, James takes us on a journey. The story gets underway softly and humbly. We are then in with a robust tapping beat and a more rapid vocal delivery which to me sounds similar to Shawn Mendes. The fundamental changes regularly, and the vibe changes quickly within the chorus and verse sections. But, once back into the more solemn areas, it builds up again ready for a hard-hitting chorus which shouts out with confidence.

Overall, the meaning of the track sticks out like a serpent’s tooth. It is sharp, and the witty lyricism proves highly prevalent. James often speaks about the truths of being in a relationship. For me, it is his best lyrical work yet, and he provides a lot within the tracks 3 minutes and 15 seconds.

You can listen to the fresh release below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to ‘Chew On My Heart’ by James Bay by commenting on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris