Global pop stars 5 Seconds Of Summer return with their new single ‘Kill My Time’. It is a track which catapults them to even greater heights with catchy melodies and memorable vocals.

For me, I can hear a lot of similarities to Harry Styles on this piece, especially within the vocal arrangement with the group following a similar style to Harry’s solo project. Also, I could not help but draw similarities with, The 1975. Furthermore, the music follows a definite closeness with the 80s synthy guitar leads popping up from the mix.

The track kicks off with a solo vocal performance, and it brings an infectous hook which is challenging to resist. The track soon progresses with new sounds appearing, and before we know it, we are in with a massive chorus with the groups anthemic signature chorus hooks shouting out with genuine conviction.


Structurally, 5 Seconds Of Summer, mix it up regularly. They boast an unorthodox drum rhythm with the beat picking up the pace and slowing down. Also, the backing vocals give the track plenty of weight. Furthermore, they make for a strong stereo effect which sounds colossal when playing loud on a 5:1 speaker setup.

My only pet hate about this track is that it is not tremendously unique. It is pretty much what you would expect if you put Harry Styles and The 1975 into a blender. As a result, I wish they had delved more into their own space because they have a robust sound of their own without having to mirror anyone else. However, I do enjoy the Tetris style game effect which comes in the latter, and I doubt you will hear a sound similar to this anywhere else.

You can take a listen to ‘Kill My Time’ by 5 Seconds Of Summer below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to the new release by commenting on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris