Adele is one of if not the most celebrated singers to grace our airwaves in recent times. Even those who are not hugely fond of her music cannot argue that she is a vocal machine. Nevertheless, fans may have to wait just a little bit longer for her eagerly anticipated new album.

The album will be Adele’s first album since 2015, it is due for release sometime around September 2020. However, a cryptic Instagram comment may indicate a delay. As a result, fans are losing hope that it will be this year.

Speaking on an Instagram live session, the ‘Hello’ star said: “Come on, it’s 2020 – we ain’t meant to get what we want!”. This message suddenly hit fans like a tonne of flying bricks. As a result, everybody is now speculating that this could be a hint that we will have to wait until next year for the new album. The ex brit school singer will not be the first artist to postpone new music. Also, she will most likely not be the last. Furthermore, other artists, including Lady Gaga and Sam Smith, have also publicly come out to say that their new music will be put back due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


However, do not lose hope just yet. This message could mean anything; after all, we are all stuck in lockdown, and the things we want to do are not exactly what we can do. Plus, as far as our sources tell us, the new music is already down, and even if not, at least give us an EP Adele, surely? We all need a bit of new Adele in our lives right about now.

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George Millington