Liam Payne is known for being one of the most revealing with news out of One Direction. It appears that nothing has changed either after he has given fans the biggest hint that One Direction is possibly gearing up for a massive reunion.

Speaking on an Instagram live post with DJ Alesso, the 26-year-old could not help but give fans the answer they have been craving ever since the pop band called a hiatus back in 2016. Furthermore, Liam stated that the band are speaking a lot more than before. Also, he mentioned that due to the majority of the group being in London and self-isolation, they are using the time to set up more group calls to discuss a potential return.

However, it appears he may have just landed himself in hot water. Furthermore, he pointed out that fellow band member Louis Tomlinson gave him a stern telling off. It was after he was apparently revealing some of the plans previously. Also stating that after the live session, he expects the group chat to give him some stick after letting even more out of the bag.


Replying to the revelation, Alesso said ‘Wow, the whole world is about to explode’. For me, I bet Alesso was surprised to hear the singer putting so much out there to the heaps of followers tuning in. Also, he probably knew the attention this was going to cough up.

Fans are going crazy over the concept. Also, there are hints that Zayn could return too. It is after his status in the group has gone from ex-member to vocals on Google. Nevertheless, Liam is pretty much just confirming what we already know. After all, there has been plenty of pointers to indicate it is happening. One significant observation is that the band’s website has suddenly become available again after it became unavailable in 2016.

Are you looking forward to a one direction reunion?

George Millington