Bucharest based Classical composer Anesthis has just released his new track ‘Prayer’.

The artist has found influences from all corners of classical music and has created something which leaves you itching to click the replay button. Anesthis is one of the finest up and coming classical musicians from Europe, and he has proven the quality he has to offer with this release.

‘Prayer’ is a soothing piece. It is dramatic at times and leaves the storyline open to your imagination. It boats a piano instrumental which provides a beautiful blend of accent and dolce which grab you from the get-go, and it does not let go.

Overall it is a theatrical piece with its elegantly driven melodies and heaps of variation. This track would not sit out of place on a summer drive or even being the soundtrack to an emotive movie.

If you are seeking the most exquisite classical music, then look no further than ‘Prayer’.

George Millington