Singer-songwriter Hayden Brenen and rapper L.D.N have just dropped their new release ‘Mi Cariño’. The track is out now and one which you need to hear before it hits the masses.

Both hailing from London, the pair have crafted something rather unique here with its effortless feel- good vibe. Also, with Brenen a graduate of Brit School and L.D.N already recognised as a reputable name, these guys have come together to provide something which oozes confidence and quality throughout.

‘Mi Cariño’ is all set to be a smash hit this summer. It kicks off with a catchy hook which pulls you in instantly. It’s found influence from Ed Sheeran and Daddy Yankee, but yet it’s distinct in its own right. Overall, it’s exotic with a pop vibe, and it shows off Hayden’s sublime vocal perfectly. Also, L.D.N delivers an unforgivably catchy rap which sticks to you like an adhesive.

If you are seeking the latest Latin pop, then look no further than ‘Mi Cariño’.

George Millington