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Folk just got a new name. Well, a new name for me, Barry Oreck is proving his quality with new release ‘We Fit Together’. A thoroughly enjoyable listen and one which gripped at me like a clingy leach, but for the right reasons.

I relish the type of sound with Barry Oreck delivers best. There is an old English folky style here, and it would not sit out of place playing out of the speakers of your local British inn, ah how I wish I could witness that (Shove you COVID-19).

Musically, we hear a somewhat toned down folky instrumental with the acoustic guitar and vocal being the main focal point of the release. A guitar player myself, I love the guitar technique which Barry Oreck possesses. It is making me want to grab my Taylor myself. Vocally, the singer hits all the right notes with his heavenly finish.

But, the excitement does not stop there. We also hear a sterling female vocal performance which adds heaps amounts of quality to the already robust track. The transition between both artists works tremendously well, and they sing as if they are born to sing together. Great work.

You can listen to ‘We Fit Together’ below.

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George Millington