I have only recently come across State To State. Ask me why it has taken me so long? I cannot tell you because I am not sure either. These guys are rocking. I am just grateful they have entered my life during lockdown because the new release is keeping me sane.

They have crafted something unique to themself, but they do draw familiarities to the likes of ‘Queens Of The Stone Age’. I can hear the influence of Josh Homme here, but they have brought with it a new flavour. ‘Undead Love’ is an indie rock gem. It delves into grunge at times, and it boasts a harrowing vibe. Lyrically, it excites me and the music adds to the fuel of enthusiasm with each chord and beat adding coercion to the immense track.

Vocally, State To State can rival the big boys at the top. The passion and confidence within the performance refreshes but also proves the groups quality. As a result, I have found myself coming back to this release time, and again, I am sure you will too.

You can listen to ‘Undead Love’ below.

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George Millington