Italian alternative rockers, Bodoni, have just released their latest single, ‘Devil in the Crypt’. Lifted from their 2018 EP ‘liveb’, this track is already a fan favourite and is set to make an international impact with its release as a single.

Bodoni are an alt-rock quartet from Ferrara, Italy. Growing up, the band were heavily influenced by the grunge sound that dominated the 90s rock scene. They draw inspiration from bands including Pixies, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots and more, to create a sound characterised but fuzzed out guitars and brash, but melodic vocals.

‘Devil in the Crypt’ sounds huge from the get-go. An impactful wall of sound is created by the colossal guitar riff, which layers up as the song builds. Lead singer Nico’s vocals are emotive and in your face, delivering the lyrical content with a great sense of authenticity. The bridge section and final chorus are thunderous, bringing an energy that is certain to get gig goers moving.

If the 90s grunge sound did it for you, you’ll love Bodoni. Bringing a high octane, modern twist to the sound, they’re sure to take over international rock playlists as 2019 draws to a close.

George Millington