Chicago based producer, artist and songwriter, DJ Scandalous, has just released his huge new single, ‘Move On’, an ambitious, floor filling dance track that is sure to become an anthem in the club scene worldwide.

2019 & 2018 Chicago Music Award nominee, DJ Scandalous was born and raised in Chicago where his family’s musical heritage shaped his musical journey at an early age. In today’s music world where collaborations with DJ’s are becoming more and more popular, DJ Scandalous is breaking through all the barriers with his philosophy “I am a fan of all genres but a prisoner to none.” For over a decade he’s honed his song writing and producing, whilst promoting the work of both independent and major artists in Europe, the United States and Worldwide.

His brand new single, ‘Move On’, has just been released through M’n’N records and is already finding its way into playlists around the world. Produced in collaboration with Austin Leeds and three- time Grammy winner Kenny Bartolomei, this track packs a punch. It’s filled to the brim with catchy instrumentals and irresistible vocal hooks. The hard-hitting bass line is guaranteed to make any listener want to move their feet.

If you love ground breaking new dance music, don’t sleep on DJ Scandalous and his brand new single ‘Move On’.

George Millington