Bon Jovi is one of the latest bands to release a track about modern times. Here the group have dropped a protest track about George Floyd’s murder by the police. 

The track titled ‘American Reckoning’ is one of the most influential tracks from the legendary rock group to date. Overall, singer Jon Bon Jovi moves with a piercing vocal speaking with bold lyricism. The record kicks off with a commanding yet toned-down acoustic guitar lead plucking away at the heartstrings. 


Jon Bon Jovi then greets us with a potent vocal. He articulates with genuine emotion, and it is easy to hear his anger for this subject. A gentle beat then taps away, but as a whole, the track stays calm and tender throughout. Vocally, Jon sings with his heart on his sleeve, and it is difficult to fault his performance here with his signature grit oozing with confidence. 

For me, it is one of the most delicate ballads to come out of rock in recent times. Bon Jovi have stepped up massively here, and the addition of harmonica makes it, even more, piercing with its moving attribute. So much so, it is difficult not to find yourself feeling deeply emotional as it plays out with all the instruments adding to his firm and meaningful message.

Speaking about the track, Jon Bon Jovi said “I was moved to write American Reckoning as a witness to history. I believe the greatest gift of an artist is the ability to use their voice to speak to issues that move us.” 

You can take a listen to ‘American Reckoning’ by Bon Jovi below. Also, let us know your thoughts to the fresh release from the group by commenting on our social media accounts. Do you think this is the bands best track to date? Furthermore, many are stating it could be the most exceptional release from the group.

Emily Harris