Zayn Malik is to make a scene in the country game with his new studio album, “Room Under the Stairs.” It is an album which fans have been eager to hear and now that wait is about to end! Although, it has also brought some speculation as to his choice of genre pathway.

Moreover, the former One Direction member insists that his foray into country is genuine and not an attempt to follow recent trends. He said: “I was pretty much on my farm having a glass of whiskey and listening to a bit of [Chris] Stapleton by the fire with my dog, playing guitar,” he recounted. This laid-back setting apparently sparked the creative juices for his latest record.

Malik emphasized that his decision to explore country music was a natural progression of his artistic journey. “People need to know I didn’t jump on the bandwagon,” he stated firmly, distancing himself from other high-profile artists like Post Malone and Beyoncé, who have recently dabbled in the genre. “I’m proud of the album, but I want it to stand on its own merits.”

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George Millington