‘A day in the water’ by Christine and the Queens – Single Rating: 4/5 ★★★★

Chris has arguably been the best musical entity to come out of France since Daft Punk. The artist is incredibly influential and back in 2016 they landed number one in Vanity Fair’s most influential people. ‘A day in the water’ is the artists second single from Queens fourth album ‘PARNOIA, ANGELS, TRUE LOVE’. This latest LP sees them collaborate with Madonna 070 State, and this time next week its highly likely that Christine and the Queens will have a third top ten UK album chart entry to their name.

‘A day in the water’ will instantly remind the listener of Prince and Sinead O’Connor. It definitely has that early 90’s/Nothing Compares 2U’ vibe about it. Soft synths, drum machines and deep noted strings are the order of the day here, accompanied by some subtle piano chords in the second verse make ‘A day in the water’ a minimal but very satisfying listen. Chris’s lead vocals are not only incredible but beautiful, the vocal technique on this track is simply outstanding. As the song moves along, the melody will remind you of Taylor Swift – overall it’s a beautiful song.

As mentioned, vocally the track mesmerizes. This is proved further on the live video that has s a stage set up not to dissimilar to Loreen’s winning Eurovision entry ‘Tattoo’. (Think large sun bed/toasted sandwich maker.)

Chris says of ‘A day in the water; ‘The song is about that feeling of being deep in the water when you feel the world cannot touch you anymore. It’s behind the glass of your own melancholia but in that deep dive of vulnerability, hopefully the light arrives. The light of honesty’.

Well said Chris, this fourth album is going to be stunning.

You can check it out below.

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