Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin has announced that the group will not take their new album Everyday Life on a world tour. Coldplay have put a world tour for their new album on hold, as they take time to work out a way to make touring more environmentally friendly.

The band have already released five singles from the new album ahead of its release this Friday. Including; Daddy, Arabesque, Champion of the World, Everyday Life and Orphans.


Future Tours

Coldplay wish to make their shows from here on out ‘carbon neutral’. The band dream of solar powered shows with no single use plastic, in a bid to tackle climate change and their carbon footprint. Sustainability is very important to the band and its members, who wish to have a positive impact upon the environment and society through their music.

The band are due to perform two consecutive shows in the capital of Jordan, Amman. The shows will take place on Friday at sunrise and sunset respectively. The two shows will in turn reflect the two halves of their eighth studio album, Everyday Life. These performances will also be streamed live on YouTube.


Coldplay are also due to perform a one-off concert at the Natural History Museum in London. Taking place on 25 November. All proceeds from this show will be donated to the environmental charity ClientEarth.

The Impact

One of the most detrimental impacts that touring has on environment is flying. Musicians who embark on world tours travel thousands of miles across the globe, racking up enormous carbon footprints upon their jets.

Evidently, touring is one of the main sources of income for musicians. Therefore, Coldplay taking this strong stand to boycott touring due to the current climate crisis really is a big deal. This will absolutely have an impact on the band, but hopefully will also have an impact on the music industry. Optimistically, it will also have a beneficial impact on the environment.

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