Renowned heavy metal artist Corey Taylor has made his disdain for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame abundantly clear. The ‘Duality’ hitmaker criticized the institution for inducting non-rock stars while neglecting more deserving musicians. Taylor expressed doubt about the possibility of all three of his acts being honored and revealed his indifference towards the prestigious accolade.

During an interview with Jason Bailey on ‘Audacy Check In,’ the metal legend was asked about his thoughts on a potential induction for his solo career or his bands Slipknot and Stone Sour. His response was candid and unapologetic: “Oh, Jesus. At this point, who gives a s***, really? To be honest… It’s hard for me to say that they get it wrong because sometimes the people they induct one hundred per cent deserve it. But there’s still so many groups that should go in before some of the ones that have. And it really upsets me, dude. So at this point it’s, like, I don’t even know if I’ll even be considered for something like that, and I couldn’t care less, to be honest.”

For Corey Taylor, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is merely a symbolic pat on the back that holds little significance to him. He sees it as an accolade more suited for the twilight of one’s career. “To me, that’s a high-five at the end of your career. I would rather have that later on. It’s just something I don’t really concern myself with. Would I be a stingy hog and want to be like the late, great David Crosby and be in there like four times? That would be great — if I could be in there for all three acts, that’d be killer. But I don’t think I’m even gonna get in for one. So it’s fine. I’ve got better things to do,” Taylor explained.

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