• Artist: Declan McKenna
  • Title: What Happened to the Beach?
  • Release Type: Album
  • Release: 09/02/24
  • IZILION Rating: ★★★★★

The third studio album, “What Happened to the Beach?” by Declan McKenna emerges as an exploration of societal disillusionment and personal introspection. Released under his own label, Tomplicated Records, this album marks a significant evolution in McKenna’s sound and lyricism.

The album opens with “WOBBLE,” a track that sets the tone with its contagious vibe and catchy melodies. It serves as an effective introduction to McKenna’s sound, blending elements of indie rock with electronic undertones. “Elevator Hum” follows, delving into themes of isolation and existential contemplation over a pulsating beat and swirling synths. McKenna’s vocals soar with emotive sincerity, drawing us deep into his introspective journey.

“I Write the News” takes a look at media manipulation. Also, the distortion of truth, propelled by dynamic guitar riffs and propulsive rhythms. McKenna’s sharp lyricism shines as he navigates through the complexities of contemporary media culture. Meanwhile, “Sympathy” offers a reflective pause, with its stripped-down arrangement allowing McKenna’s vocals to take center stage. The haunting melodies and introspective lyrics create a sense of intimacy, inviting us to delve deeper into McKenna’s emotional realm.


“Mulholland’s Dinner and Wine” stuns with its dreamy atmosphere and lush instrumentation, while “Breath of Light” builds upon introspective themes with its atmospheric production and nail-biting lyrics. “Nothing Works” also stands out as a poignant anthem for a disillusioned generation, blending anthemic choruses with compelling verses. McKenna’s raw honesty and vulnerability shine through, resonating on a profound level.

“The Phantom Buzz (Kick In)” injects a dose of urgency with its driving 60’s-esque rhythms and hooks, reflecting McKenna’s knack for crafting irresistibly catchy melodies. “Honest Test” continues the album’s introspective journey. Moreover, with thought-provoking lyrics and dynamic instrumentations, it creates a sense of emotional depth and resonance.

“Mezzanine” unfolds as a sonic gem filled with swirling synths and pulsating rhythms, while “It’s an Act” leaves a lasting impression with its atmospheric production. “4 More Years” serves as a poignant conclusion to the album, with its sparse arrangement and haunting melodies encapsulating the album’s themes of disillusionment and uncertainty.

Overall, “What Happened to the Beach?” is the work of a musician at the height of his creative powers, delivering a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant album that is sure to captivate. With its dynamic songwriting, infectious melodies, and introspective lyricism, this album solidifies McKenna’s status as one of the most compelling voices in contemporary indie music.

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Becky Anderson