Dillon Francis and BabyJake have come together to get their summer party underway with a bang. Their new track ‘Touch’ is sending shockwaves amongst the GSGM camp. We cannot get enough of it.

The track comes full of excitement. It is a soothing release and empowers with its bold and relatable lyrics. For me, the track sounds a little similar to The Weeknd; there has to be some influence there. Also, at times we hear a Tame Impala vibe coming out of the woodwork too.


Vocally, it is delightful, and the backing vocals compliment the track throughout. Also, the beat is on point, and it bubbles away nicely in the background. I like the synth sound, and Dillon Francis has become a master at creating a signature sound. It was his track ‘Coming Over’ which brought me into his world, and this track follows suit with top quality leads.

BabyJake contributes massively to the track. It comes across as if the pair have been working on music together for years. But, who knows, maybe they have been? Without BabyJake featuring on ‘Touch’, I am not sure it would have been quite as much of a hit. Nevertheless, Dillon Francis, does have a knack for creating hits on his own, so who knows?

Overall it is an impressive release from the pair, and I want to hear more. But, it is not a prototype of this genre; as a result, I cannot rate it too highly for originality. The track sounds hugely familiar to lots of other songs I have heard in recent months also. Nevertheless, the quality the pair posses between them is on full display here, and they have taken an already incredible sound and made it their own.

Take a listen to the track below. Let us know what you think. We love to hear from you.

Emily Harris