Florence And The Machine releases new single ‘Light Of Love’. I have to be honest; I can take or leave Florence. But I do admire her as an artist.

With this release, I went in with an open mind. Furthermore, I do not want to judge this track based on my earlier opinions. Nevertheless, I do not think this single is up there with the best. It is not to say it isn’t a good song because it is, if you like Florence, that is. However, I do not think it has the oomph and excitement which some of her previous tracks have offered.


Overall, it is pretty slow in comparison to her other hits. It is more subdued but potentially more meaningful than her others too. On the flip side, the track is undoubtedly poignant, and if you listen carefully to the story she delivers, you will admire her lyrical ability, I am sure. Moreover, the track follows a similar vibe to her early work with a folky vibe and Avante-Garde sounds. For anyone who loves folk, then this one is most likely for you. But, it is not ticking all the boxes for me who is an avid fan of pop. It sometimes appears that she has gone back to her routes at times after she has recently crossed more into pop than folk.

Overall, it is an excellent track for anyone who loves Florence And The Machine. I highly doubt many of her loyal fans will have a problem with it. But, for someone who is a little on the fence with her music, I cannot say it has brought me any closer to the once Glastonbury headliner.

Nevertheless, I would be keen to hear your opinion on the release. What are your thoughts? Are you digging it? Let us know.

George Millington