Kelly Clarkson is a vocalist who keeps on getting better with each release she drops. The singer is well known now for releasing energetic and catchy hits and her latest track ‘I Dare You’ is no exception.

The track is the first release for ‘The Voice’ coach in 2020. She had a brief spell of music back in 2019 with her soundtrack “Broken & Beautiful” for the UglyDolls film. Speaking about the new release, Kelly publicly stated that it was her hardest yet most favourite project to date. I am in shock by this comment. After all, she has had a pretty accelerated career over the last few years.

‘I Dare You’ starts with a guitar lead which sounds out of tune but it isn’t. We are then straight into the vocals with Kelly putting on a mesmerising and sublime performance from the minute she opens her mouth. The song is all about swapping fear for love. It is hugely prevalent in these times of COVID-19 panic, and it has the power to take any negative emotion you have and turn it into something positive.


Overall, the chorus is the breadwinner in the song, which you would expect. It is unique in its delivery and does not sound as similar to Kelly’s other material. But, it is just as good if not better than some of her biggest choruses’. It took Kelly over one year to complete this track, and the hard work has paid off. I love this new material from the blonde bombshell. I genuinely hope there is more in the pipeline because I need more Kelly Clarkson in my life right now.

So, have you listened to the track yet? What are your thoughts to ‘I Dare You’? Have your say by leaving a comment below. We love to hear from you all.

Emily Harris