DJ Jabok, aka Zhambyl Turebayev, is a DJ, producer and singer from the Republic of Kazakhstan.  He began singing at the age of 10 and by 18, he was producing his own music.  And despite the fact that he is a business graduate, his ultimate and passion is quite clearly music.  Given his early affinity and draw to music, it is was his destiny to pursue music in this way.

Last summer, DJ Jabok released the instrumental dance track, ‘Dance With Me’.  It was a perfect single loaded with summery feel and effortless bounding layers of shimmering, hynotic sounds.  ‘Dance With Me’ is a sonically clever and well-crafted track with a widescreen effect.  It aims right at the heart of the summer, dance vibe without being ambient.  It’s pure escapism and DJ Jabok’s showcases his artistry to perfection.

Pulsating Electronica

He followed that up with ‘Clouds’ and again, set the listener on waves of subtle, pulsating electronica.  The track kept the tone out of the industrial range but aimed squarely for the heart of where dance resides.  DJ Jabok knows his listener well and creates a sound that bounces easily yet with luminous quality to keep it light and translucent.   The structure of the track, along with his others, speaks to his innate style and passion for what he is creating.  Every note and line structure within each single are carefully constructed and smooth in its delivery.  He is extremely talented at fleshing out an immediate nature to each track, whilst finding a relaxed, layering effect at the very same time.

DJ Jabok divines an analogue to other dance music and takes it a higher, purer level.  He is crafting a paragon of dance tracks to build his catalog and is definitely one to watch. Be sure to keep his tracks on your playlists, you won’t be disappointed.

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