Doja Cat is becoming a global sensation, although many will argue that she already is a worldwide flame. I first came across the singer on TikTok with ‘Say So’ which became a viral hit. I have been following the singer’s journey ever since with each new release taking us deeper into her world of classic hip-hop and pop.

Her latest release ‘Freak’ takes us on a new and fresh direction. Well, it is a SoundCloud release from a few years ago which never really generated any traction. But, Doja Cat has decided to release it yet again with her newfound fame. I do not blame her one bit.

I was thinking as soon as I heard this track that it has a 60s influence. But then having investigated more in-depth into the record, I found that it is a sample taken from a 1959 track called ‘Put Your Head On My Shoulder’ by Paul Anka. I relish the intro melody, and it sounds similar to a lot of acts which I grew up listening to, and it is very reminiscent of modern ‘Richard Hawley’.


Vocally, Doja Cat hits the sweet spot here. She rarely gets anything wrong vocally, and she proves her talent on this track. She sings with her heart on her sleeve, and her confidence and poise are firmly on display. It may however not be as catchy as her previous hits which have become viral hits, (possibly why this one didn’t take the same direction in the first place). But, it is still impressive and worth a listen.

You can check out ‘Freak’ by Doja Cat below. Also, let us know your thoughts to the fresh release by commenting on our social media accounts. Do you think it is worth a second release? As always, we love to hear your feedback.

Emily Harris