Machine Gun Kelly has teamed up with fellow hip hop legend ‘Blackbear’. Their new track ‘My Ex’s Best Friend’ is a firm favourite of mine this New Music Friday.

The pair of them provide heaps of quality with each of them synergising to create a cocktail of all things fabulous. It has a genuine quality which is hard to fault. They both pop out in triumphant style, and it is a collab which I have been waiting for, for quite some time. So much so, I always wondered what it would sound like if they came together and it does not disappoint.


Cleverly, it feels as though these two are born to write together because they both share a similar sound. Kicking off is MGK with a vocal which stands out with his signature sound mesmerising. Both of the stars, though are very similar; therefore, for someone unfamiliar with their work, it may be challenging to work out which one is taking the mic. But, they both add something unique, and it makes for a refreshing listen.

They sing about a topic which many will be able to relate. The pair combine efforts to verify about a relationship which turned sour, and many will be able to resonate well with the witty lyrics they provide. The track also delves into a new space with MGK’s rockier sound taking the focal point at times. Still, cleverly it then flicks back into a hip hop atmosphere with Blackbear lending an unforgettable performance.

Interestingly, the track ends very abruptly. So much so, it is easy to think that something has gone wrong with the sound system; it is almost like someone has just clicked stop while the pair are still performing. It is an intelligent approach and influences us to hit replay to get another fix.

You can listen to the new track from Machine Gun Kelly and Blackbear below.

Emily Harris