Johnny Marr is one of the greatest guitar players I have had the pleasure come across. It is not only his signature sound which wins my vote but also the fact that he is one of the most iconic Manc’s in the industry. I have always had a soft spot for Manchester indie music; therefore, whenever I hear a track from one of its own, it still gets me excited.


Furthermore, I recently came across Marr’s offering ‘Armatopia’. It is not a new release, but it was new for me. I could not quite believe I had not heard it before and I came across it while at a friends house playing Pro Evolution Soccer. Having checked on YouTube too, it appears the majority of its listeners have found their way to the song from the football game. Crazy isn’t it? How can a song this good not get the radio play and exposure it deserves. It is a blinder and is indie rock at its best in my opinion.

So what do I like about it? Just about everything. The melody is catchy, and the ‘Na Na Na Na Na’ opener sticks to you like a leech. Guitar wise it is on point and provides plenty of flavour and shows of Johnny’s signature sound. Also, the singing performance is top-notch too, and it proves the talent of the Ex Smiths guitarist. It is often quite hard to believe that this chap was once the guitarist in the highly acclaimed indie band because he has created a sound of his own and is a solo hero in his own right. Also, many people still think of Johnny as just the guitarist from The Smiths, but he isn’t. He has loads to offer, and ‘Armatopia’ is testament to that claim. Long live the legend which is Johnny Marr.

Emily Harris