For anyone who grew up in the 90s, Jim Carrey is a childhood hero, well he is for me. Not only one of the most stand out actors of his generation but an excellent comedian too. Luckily, for The Weeknd, he got to spend his 30th with him. What a treat, eh?

Okay, so this does sound random I know but how it came about is even more surreal. So, there he is, The Weeknd, texting Jim (As you do) and they figure out that they live very close to one another. The next minute he sends the comedian his address and Carrey states that he can see his place from his balcony. It then gets even wackier.

The pair are then getting their telescopes out and waving at each other. I could not help but laugh when I heard this. How great would that have been to witness? Well, moving on, The Weeknd then receives a message from the ‘Liar Liar’ star telling him to look out of his window. Jim had put out a load of red balloons for his birthday. Wow, he must be a massive ‘Starboy’ fan.


But, the madness does not end there. The pair then go out for breakfast to celebrate. I could not think of a better way to celebrate a birthday. Nevertheless, it does not come as a massive surprise because Jim is known for his crazy antics. If it had been someone like Russel Crowe for example, I would have probably had fallen off my chair.

All of this comes after ‘The Weeknd’ is seeing massive success with his recent release ‘Blinding Lights’. That track for me is the soundtrack of the year, and it will take a lot of beating to knock that off the top spot for me.

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George Millington