Duke Dumont gets the summer started with his sizzling new track ‘Nightcrawler’. The latest release features ‘Say Lou Lou’ who delivers an exceptional singing performance.

Yes, you heard it. Summer is here folks, and this track confirms it. It is everything we need with its punchy vocals and hard-hitting beat. New Music Friday is my favourite day of the week. But, it gets even better when I hear a banger like this one.

The vocal performance is reliable, and you cannot help but shake your self to the irresistible beat. Structurally it follows previous Duke Dumont tracks with a massive emphasis on the backbeat. I personally really like this one, I could not quite put my figure on the exact reason why I like it so much, but it just oozes the feel-good vibe. Everybody needs that right about now.


Is it better than his previous releases? It is at least on the same level. The artist keeps on giving, and his talent is showing no sign of slowing down. Also, I like the direction the DJ has taken with ‘Nightcrawler’. It follows a contemporary style, but yet it has drawn influences from a wide range of places, and I can hear an 80s dance theme here. Also, vocally, Say Lou Lou, is taking influence from pop singers from generations before her too.

Get me around a pool, throw a G and T into my hand and get this track blasting out the speakers. The things, I would do for that. Nevertheless, my front lounge will do for now. Also, if like me you are desperate for the freshest dance-pop then look no further than this release from Duke Dumont and Say Lou Lou. It is a winner, and I imagine it will be sticking around for quite some time.

You can take a listen to ‘Nightcrawler below’.

Emily Harris