Fakear and Alex Metric have joined forces for one hell of a great track ‘Carrie’. I came across it through browsing around Spotify, and it is a corker! I love it. Not only does it give me the feel-good summer vibe I need in my life. But, it has all the ingredients to be a soundtrack for 2020.

It is quirky, full of energy and has nothing annoying about it. It is the exact opposite of boring with its catchy melodies and tight rhythm section. The track kicks off with a vocal which although I do not understand sounds majestic. Plus, I do not need to know what the words are as long as it greets my ears with open arms.

We are then soon into the heart of the mix, with a mesmerising backbeat on full display with a lead line which makes you feel like you have heard it before. I spent quite some time trying to figure out if it was a sample but cannot find any indication it is. Therefore, hats off to the pair for coming up with a sound which sounds hugely relatable but yet still fresh in its delivery.

Dance Anthem

‘Carrie’ is a dance anthem from Fakear and Alex Metric which delves into a new era for the scene. For me, I cannot get enough of it. Also, if the duo is seeing a massive increase in their Spotify streams in recent days, it is probably me racking them up. I have had it on back to back repeat for at least 1 hour before writing this review.

So, if like me, you were craving new, feel good, and top quality music look no further. Carrie is here, and it is cementing the pairs name in dance history. You can listen to Carrie below. Let us know your thoughts to the release.

Emily Harris