Ellie Goulding is back with a gem. Her new track ‘Perfect’ is fresh out of new music Friday and it follows on from where she left off. It is poppy with a strong dance vibe leaping out. The record as a whole is touching, and we hear the singer speaking vividly about relationships of modern times.

It starts with a synth crescendo with Ellie meeting the instrument with a truly excellent vocal performance. The singer does not do things with half measures. She puts everything into her delivery on ‘Power’ and by heck does she bring the power with a sublime vocal performance gliding through the track from the get-go.

There is a loud backing vocal audible at various points in the track which I believe works very well. It is a lot louder than your average backing, at times it is even bolder than the main vocal from Ellie. But, it adds to the power theme and makes the track sound even bigger and more durable. Also, the chorus is what you would expect from the starlet with a catchy melody and an unforgettable likably tone.


Each new song which I listen to from Ellie gets stuck deep inside my mind for a long time. I think that this new track is going to follow suit. But, is this her best song to date? It is nowhere near the bottom of the list. Also, I think the sound which Ellie has been growing over the last few years is blossoming. It sounds more relevant than ever. Also, the vocals are possibly Ellie’s best. Overall, the track has heaps amount of feel-good and a quality which I cannot fault.

Check it out for yourself and let us know your thoughts on our social media accounts. You can listen to ‘Power’ by Ellie Goulding below.

George Millington