Elvis Costello is showing no signs of slowing down with his music. Furthermore, his new track ‘No Flag’ is proof of that.

Firstly, it is a track which conduits his signature sound into a new realm. It is as exciting as ever, and with Elvis Costello, you know that his new music will not bore. He combines an eclectic range of sounds in his hits and ‘No Flag’ follows suit.

Vocally, Costello is on flying form with him delivering one heck of a sublime performance on his new release. But, it is also the music which stands out in bright, distinctive light. As a result, I doubt you will find any other musician in the game today doing anything quite alike. ‘No Flag’ is a protest song, and it fits into the current times like a glove. Lyrically, he reiterates that there is no time for this kind of love and that there is no flag-waving high above. He is smart with his word choice.


It all kicks off with a psychedelic vibe with a thumping drum beat punching its way through the mix and a robust guitar lead covered in chorus flavour. We are then with a strong vocal performance with a 70s vibe peaking out. The hook is within the chorus which you would expect. He sings his melody with pure confidence and poignance.

Overall, it is a pretty wacky track in terms of the music. Anything goes in the song. As a result, Costello could have thrown any instrument into the mix, and it would have probably had worked too. For me, it is a refreshing listen and one which I will be keeping high on my playlist for quite some time. You can listen to ‘No Flag’ by Elvis Costello below. Also, let us know your thoughts to the release on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris